For thirty years, Dennis’s passion for the exotic tastes of Asian cuisines and the sophistication derived through French styles has driven him to refine and develop a style all his own by creating new ways of expressing traditional Indochinese delicacies.

His first restaurant, Thai Café, with the help of his partner Annie emphasized the tropical beauty of Thai cooking. Adding his own unique influence, the restaurant became a popular meeting place for expatriates and local San Franciscans.

Chef Dennis’s next venture was Le Soleil, which gave him the opportunity to reach beyond the boundaries of tradition. His marriage of Vietnamese and French styles presented gourmands a unique contrast of flavors.

Stylishly appointed through Annie's eye for beauty and Dennis's flair for cooking , the fine dining experience of Le Soleil quickly spread.  It has earned acclaim and recognition from numerous culinary critics, also voted the number one restaurant in 1996 by the San Francisco Focus Magazine. With many other culinary awards that followed, it was featured by various travel magazines, local and foreign newspapers as one of the “must try" restaurants in San Francisco.

In 2007, Chef Dennis was one of the 30 distinguished chefs invited to demonstrate his talented culinary practices during the Asian-American Health Forum.

Le Soleil opened at The Royal Garden of Hong Kong in 2007. Located on the hotel's third floor mezzanine level overlooking the atrium's greenery and water features, the restaurant also features Chef Dennis' original dishes. Since this opening, he has been featured on many cooking shows and magazines, and most notably received recommendation by Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2009 & 2010.